Master Robert Reynolds started his career in the martial arts at the age of 20. Since that time he has been a student, an instructor and has become a 5th Degree Master in the art of Tang Soo Do.  Through the years, Master Reynolds has focused on building relationships with students and communities, including teaching in school enrichment programs. Master Reynolds has benefited from training side by side and competing with his twin brother, 7th Degree Master Ken Reynolds.Accomplished in forms, weapons and fighting, Master Reynolds was recognized as National Fighting Champion in his Black Belt Division for 8 consecutive years, 1996-2004. During his years as proprietor of Reynolds Karate and Fitness in Lambertville, NJ, Master Reynolds’ reputation as an outstanding instructor and mentor for children was established.  Students and Instructors from other schools sought his challenging instruction and compassionate guidance.  Many of Master Reynolds students have become martial arts champions and instructors.

Master Chris DiToro began his martial arts training at Paeks Tae Kwon Do with Grand Master In Ho Kim (7th degree Black Belt) in 1993. After earning his Black Belt, he continued to pursue additional training in other martial arts, including Kung Fu (Black Belt), Aikido, Kenpo, Hapkido and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. This diverse background in martial arts has greatly influenced his teaching methodology by increasing his ability to: take complex techniques and break them down into easily digestible components; understand economy of movement; and interpret practical application of traditional forms.

A former member of the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, Master DiToro, served honorably until separated from service in 2014 as a Staff Sergeant. He served as a unit level Modern Army Combatives Instructor for several years during his 10 years of service in the National Guard.

In 2000 Master DiToro started teaching at the school where he began his training, but continued to seek additional teaching opportunities to broaden his pedagogical approach. He began instructing at New Hope Karate in January 2017. His primary goal for all students is to learn and understand the fundamental aspects of martial arts. His teaching methods strongly encourage students to strive for a high level of performance and self-improvement emphasizing patience and consistency in all aspects of life. Technical execution of kicking as well as helping others achieve their martial arts goals through group and individual instruction are his expertise.