Our School

Master Robert Reynolds and Master Chris DiToro welcome you to New Hope Karate.

We are a traditional Tang Soo Do Martial Arts School in New Hope Pennsylvania, and have been teaching in the area for many years (originally Reynolds Karate, Lambertville, NJ.) You should expect vigorous training, perfecting technique and developing life skills as part of the schools curriculum. Master Robert Reynolds has studied for the past 30 years and has been recognized as one of the top fighting champions in the national tournament circuit. He has studied under his twin brother, 7th Degree Master Kenneth Reynolds, one of the top Masters in the country and known for his excellence in Forms and Weapons.

Master DiToro has spent years developing curricula focused on providing students with detail oriented instruction. He approaches class with two fundamental guiding principles: Clearly Communicated Expectations and Consistently Executed Consequences. His classes strive to create a no fear environment that encourages students to try, fail and learn for maximum benefit.

We are also very active in the community. Over the years Master Reynolds has been a part of several outreach programs for New Hope School and schools from the surrounding area, such as Lambertville and Delaware Township enrichment program.

New Hope Karate is open 6 days a week and offers Karate and fitness training to students age 6 and up.

Tang Soo,
Master Reynolds