What belt ranking system do we use?

Our belt systems takes the traditional Tang Soo Do Belt system of 10 Gups (grades) and displays them with more color belts. In the traditional system there are only White, Orange, Green, Blue, Red, Cho Dan Bo and Black belts. However, each in between step was represented by a stripe added to the tip of the belt. This traditional system could often be frustrating for younger students as the belt color remained the same even though they were a higher belt. These “additional” belts are mainly so students can more easily recognize their progression through the belt system.

White (Gup 10)

White with Black Stripe (Gup 9)

Yellow (Gup 8)

Orange (Gup 7)

Green (Gup 6)

Purple (Gup 5)

Blue (Gup 4)

Brown (Gup 3)

Red (Gup 2)

Red with Black Stripe (Gup 1)

Cho Dan Bo (Red Side up – Preparation for Black Belt)

Cho Dan Bo (Black Side up – Black Belt Candidate)


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